Good for you


Greens and Veggies are important superfoods for our wellbeing. Do you find it hard to get your 9 servings of fruit and veggies every day? Need a easy way to get your superfoods?

Here are some great superfood solutions that will help you to get all the nutrients you need and even loose some xtra pounds if you want.

AIM Barley Life

Barley Grass Juice 

AIM BarleyLife Xtra

Barleygrass with 18 fruits & vegetables(360gr)

AIM Cocoa Leaf Greens

Super Food that promote optimal health


AIM Leaf Greens

 A mixture of healthy Greens with Broccoli Sprouts

AIM VeggieD

Vegetable juice powder with natural Vitamin D

AIM Garden Trio

Just Carrots, Redi Beets and Barley Life

AIM Just Carrots

Carrot juice Powder (400gr)

AIM Redi Beets

Beetroot juice Powder (250gr)