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Barley Grass Juice 

AIM BarleyLife® is an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. The power of AIM BarleyLife® is found in the nutrients of young barley leaves. Research has found that green barley juice is abundant in enzymes, essential amino acids, and is rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support and cholesterol lowering effects. The result is a feeling of total wellness! Available with brown rice and kelp.Indications:

  • Helps maintain whole body health—for a strong foundation
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Increases overall energy
  • Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants
  • Contains live enzymes, including superoxide dismustase (SOD)
  • Includes a complete profile of amino acids—considered the building blocks of life
  • Enhances performance for those with active lives—athletes, business professionals, parents on-the-go
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action for healthier joints and tissues
  • Exhibits cholesterol-lowering effects
  • Neutral pH 


Pure dried Barley Grass Juice, not milled grass, with minimal fiber present, grown in a clean, green and pristine environment with a holistic approach to crop management.