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Probiotics (60 veg. caps)


  • Maintains digestive health.
  • Supplements friendly bacteria.
  • Balances intestinal pH.
  • Stimulates/enhances immune system.
  • Maintains intestinal health.
  • Maintains/restores a balanced intestinal flora.
  • Promotes healthy, friendly or beneficial flora.
  • Alleviates gas.
  • Replenishes/bolsters natural friendly flora after antibiotic use.
  • Inhibits bacterial/viral infections, including Candida and H. pylori.
  • Helps produce vitamins, especially B vitamins.
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level.


Each Caps contains:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus, 0.8 billion CFU
  • Bifibacterium bifidum, 0.1 billion CFU
  • Bifibacterium longum. 0.1 billion CFU

• No refrigeration required.
• 1 billion live cells per capsule.
• Potency guaranteed at the time of consumption.
• Ability to withstand stomach acid.
• Bacteria adheres to the intestinal wall.
• Distribution throughout the digestive tract.