AIM Magnesium Spray

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 AIM Magnesium Spray 130ml

Spray two to three pumps onto skin, and rub in gently. Use caution around the eyes, the mouth, and sensitive areas. It is normal for some individuals to experience a tingling or slight stinging sensation on the skin upon application. Spray can be applied regularly and often. The spray and gel may work in combination as a skin toner; to achieve this, apply the gel then the spray and massage into the skin. The combined use of these products speeds magnesium delivery to the cells.
Shake well before using. Mag-nificence contains natural ingredients and settling may occur.


  • Helps maintain whole body health
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Creates cell energy through production of ATP
  • Involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions


All-natural, magnesium Spray.