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Arginine for blood cleansing ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

Barley Life Green Barley Powder

Barley Life Xtra Barleygrass Powder with 18 fruits and vegetables

Bear Paw Garlic for your immune system

Bi-Carb Soda Pharmaceutical Grade - Aluminium Free

Black Walnut Hull Tincture for parasite cleanse ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

Bulb Syringe Enema to clean your colon ( Medical Grade )

Cell Wellness Restorer Spa Bath and muscle relaxation

Castor Oil disposable pads for easy and mess free Castor Oil Packs

Chanca Piedra  Stonebreaker tea

Clove Capsules for parasite cleanse ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

CoCoa Leaf Greens - Alkalizing greens for optimal body pH

Composure relaxation herbs

Detoxadine Concentrated Iodine which helps defend and detoxify thyroid against (Fluoride, chlorine and bromine) these toxic halogens

Ear Candles removing excess wax build up

Enema Coffee - 100% Certified Organic - used for therapy / enema to clean your colon

Enema Travel Douche to clean your colon

Enema/Douche Kit (Portable) Accessory Kit as a replacement or second set for enema bag

Epsom Salt Laxative for Liver Flush

Flora Food Probiotic for gut health

Fluidplex Kidney cleanse

Frame Essentials for healthy joint function and reduce joint pain

Garden Trio Green Barley, Carrot and Beetroot

Glass Dropper Bottle - 50ml for eye drops, cosmetics, oils or liquid supplements

Glass Dropper Bottle with Cap & Dripolator - 100ml for eye drops, cosmetics, oils or liquid supplements

Herbal Fiberblend for colon cleanse

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Certified Pure Food Grade

Higginson Syringe for colon cleanse and detoxification

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine & Coarse 

Implant Kit to feed your colon

Just Carrots Carrot powder

Leaf Greens Healthy green drink

Livatrex for liver and gallbladder flush

Liverplex Liver Cleanse

Magnesium Organic Tablets for the Kidney Cleanse

Magnesium Crystals for muscle relaxation

Magnesium Spray for muscle relaxation

Magnesium Gel for muscle relaxation

MSM - Pure Methyl Sulfonyl Methane to eliminate free radicals and remove toxins

One Minute Cure Book for healing virtually all diseases

Organic Castor Oil (Cold Pressed) for castor oil packs to help with colon and liver detox

Organic Detox Foot Pads to promote natural detoxification of chemicals, toxins, and toxic metals from your body

Organic Oregano Oil Nature's potent defender against unwanted invaders attacking our skin, digestive tracts, mucus membranes and more

Ornithine to help with sleep ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

Oxy Powder Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleanser 120 Caps

Parasite Cleanse Pack - Dr Hulda Clarks Parasite Therapy

PH Stix for acid/alkaline measuring

Pro Peas Vegetable Protein

Red Rush Enhances muscle performance

Reassure Prostate and Bladder Health

Rebounder / Lymphaciser for lymphatic health

Redi Beets Beetroot powder

Triplex for parasite cleanse

Turmeric for Bacteria cleanse ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

Veggie D for whole body health

Vitamin B6 for Kidney cleanse

Wormwood Capsules for parasite cleansing ( Dr Hulda Clarks )

Yoga Swing for all-round exercise

Zen Chi Massager Whole body Oxygeniser

Zeolite Liquid  Heavy Metal Detox

Zeolite Powder Heavy Metal Chelator