Catheter/Rectal Tube 40cm - For Enemas And Colonics

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As extra attachment for 2Ltr Enema Bag.

Rectal tubes are used for inserting into the anus when performing enemas and colonics.


Rectal Tube extension for Travel Douche, Fountain/ Bag Enema (2ltr)

  • 40cm long
  • attaches to Enema
  • made of non-toxic, medical grade PVC
  • Phthalate free

How is it used?

You can attach the catheter to the end of an enema tip to administer a higher enema.  Lubricate the tip of the catheter once it is attached to the anal enema tip and gently thread the catheter into the anus.

Precautions and Storage

Store the equipment safely where it will be secure and cannot be tampered with. Keep it out of the reach of children. Ideally the equipment needs to be stored in a constant coolish temperature, away from direct sources of heat and avoid damp environments. Do not fold the catheter tube as it will create a kink in it. Replace the tubing after each use unless you are absolutely sure that you have cleansed and sterilized the tubing thoroughly.