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We are proud to supply a variety of products to support your health and wellbeing since 1998.

Health & Wellbeing Marketplace is a place where you can find products and supplements for detoxing and cleansing. From Colon cleanses, Parasite elimination, Candida cleansing, Heavy Metal detox, Liver / Gallbladder flush, Kidney cleansing, enema equipment for cleansing and purification and much more.

When we started nobody used the word detox, it was not a main stream thing to talk about internal cleansing and detoxification. To talk about digestion or any part of your internal organs and their habits and functions was seen as weird.

Now internal cleansing and detoxification starting with liver detox, kidney cleansing, parasite removal to the full body detox which includes all the above as well as colon cleansing, lymphatic detox, bacteria cleansing, blood detoxification, skin cleansing and environmental toxin removal, have all become very popular in the alternative health and medicine field in recent years.

Every product that you find on our website has been tried and tested by us or someone very close to us. We want to recommend products and items that we know well.

We pride ourselves of exceptional customer support.

Pre Sales Support: If you are unsure about something, call our Naturopath for free and find out which product and which dosage is best for your condition.

Sales and Shipping Support: Any questions about your purchase or shipping? Call or Email us and we will reply to you within 24 hrs.

After Sales Support: Any questions about your supplements after you start taking them? Experiencing some detox symptoms. Ask our Naturopath for free.

We also encourage you to keep on educating yourself. Don't just believe what your Doctor is telling you. Ask questions and research.

Remember: "The only healer that can heal you is YOU!"

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to shine some light on your path to health and happiness.