Zen Chi Massager

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Excercise the easy way


Experience the Benefits of Zen chi 
Recommended by health practitioners, the Zen Chi was developed to enhance your existing routine and create a path to a healthier lifestyle. Everybody can now enjoy the beneficial effects of energy stimulating and balancing exercise. 


Elevation of the feet is a proven technique for relieving the symptoms of painful ailments such as fluid retention, poor circulation, varicose veins and the list continues.
Combine this with the Zen Chi's muscle exercising principles and you will benefit immediately. Relax, clear your mind and you will feel your whole body rock from side to side. The side to side action opens the vertebrae alleviating stress and tension placed on the spinal column. This unique wave like motion replicates exercise and promotes the flow of blood to capillary banks in all extremities of the body, restoring supply to areas that may have suffered poor circulation. Body detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis which results in aa higher metabolic rate.


  • easy to use
  • just lying down
  • supports circulation and lymphatic system
  • helps to relax the whole body and mind
  • Stimulate energy, weight loss and digestion
  • can be used in conjunction with other exercise
  • Voltage: 240V, Frequency: 50HZ, Power Consumption: 0-3A 50W

As body hydration is an important factor in any exercise regime, it is recommended to consume approximately 150ml of water prior to use.
For best results, the Zen Chi should be used in an ambient setting.
Place the Zen Chi on a hard surface. Surfaces such as a soft mattress should be avoided. Allow yourself ten minutes for total relaxation, clear your mind of any distractions.
Lie down, centre body with the handle towards you, lie your legs in the ankle rests, rest your arms freely at your side and relax with your eyes closed.
When comfortable, start with a five minute session. Person in less than average health, start with three minutes. Stop if any discomfort is experienced. You will feel the massage effects starting low in the body and working its way up as you relax. Concentrate on your breathing and unwind.
At the end of the session, when the Zen Chi stops, remain lying down for at least five more minutes, during this time you should experience a rush of energy followed by an overwhelming sensation of relaxation and calm.
Increase duration of use gradually, as your fitness increases.
Two fifteen minute sessions per day is the maximum recommendation.

Precautions: Do not use if pregnant, after recent surgery or serious heart conditions etc. If you are not sure if the Zen Chi is suitable for your fitness level or health status, seek medical advice prior to use.