100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Cap & Dripolator

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  • Food Grade
  • Great for essential oils
  • White plastic tamper-evident cap and dripolator insert perfect for your aromatherapy and or cosmetic requirements

Bottle Dimensions:
Height 112mm
Diameter   44.5mm
Neck Finish 18mm tamper-evident
Closure 18mm tamper-evident cap with dripolator insert








  • Beautiful white cap with good grip – Matte non slip finish make lids easy to tighten & open.
  • Strong thick glass bottle very hard to break.
  • Dripolator easy to remove with fingernail or blunt knife.
  • Tamper section easy to break off (if preferred).
  • Dripolator works with low viscosity fluids as well as with oils. With low viscosity fluids (eg water, tinctures) invert bottle and gently shake until the first drop comes out then stop shaking – a slow and steady stream of drops will then come out.