Zen Chi

Balance and Relaxation
Kinetic energy is transferred through the body via movement of the ankles, replicating ancient pulsing techniques; the sacrum is gently rocked as a wave movement oscillates to the cervical area releasing gravitational pressure and daily stresses that are placed on the body. The Zen Chi is used successfully in Australian hospitals to treat Lymph oedema and an array of  testimonies recommends the Zen Chi for alleviating the effects of painful ailments. The Zen Chi can be used to relax muscles prior to treatments and is fantastic in aiding sciatic release and restoring the body's equilibrium.  
In our busy schedules, taking time out is crucial in order to maintain health
and energy levels. Whether it is exercise, meditation or simply eating
correctly, we must do something. Time restraints often make these routines
difficult to adhere to; ZEN CHI is able to solve this difficulty. All it takes
is fifteen minutes morning and night to gain the recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise; any additional form of exercise is an extra-added bonus! 
Westerners are now recognising the Eastern theories related to Chi (body energy) as it is seen in the East to be the key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is noted that this energy flows through channels in all living entities.
Acupressure and other forms of massage as well as routines such as Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation are recognised in the East as practices that are able to balance and invigorate the flow of Chi, and can restore an equal flow of Chi, in turn balancing the whole body. 
Unlike acupressure and direct massage that work on the meridian points (energy junctions) directly to trigger nerve impulses and free up the flow, Zen Chi sends a movement through the entire body giving a sensation of well being.

Zen Chi Massager

Excercise the easy way


Experience the Benefits of Zen chi 
Recommended by health practitioners, the Zen Chi was developed to enhance your existing routine and create a path to a healthier lifestyle. Everybody can now enjoy the beneficial effects of energy stimulating and balancing exercise.